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Plant-Based Peel    
​BT Micro
Express Facial
Awakening Spa Facial
​Back Facial
​Cupping Facial

When you arrive, please let your esthetician know of any focus areas (aging, spots,
acne, sensitivity, etc.) so we may
better serve your needs!
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​. . . . $50

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All face services available in a couples session.
Come in with your significant other or a friend for complete relaxation!
Express Facial 
Enjoy a steam treatment, cleanser, exfoliation, Aveda customized masque, moisturizer, a decloté massage, and signature Aveda  aromatherapy. (approx. 40min)

Awakening Spa Facial
Enjoy an extended steam treatment, cleanser, exfoliation, Aveda customized masque, moisturizer, decloté, hand, & arm massage with hot towels, signature Aveda  aroma-therapy, with an added Aveda Awakening ritual with dry brushing exfoliation and Aveda's Tulasara illuminating oil.  (approx. 60min)

Back Facial
Its a facial for your back!  This treatment clarifies, exfoliates, soothes,  and moisturizes for clearer, acne free skin.

Cupping Facial
An ancient practice using the art of suction to draw an increase in blood to an area and draw out toxins.  This treatment results in a plumping effect, promoting in ageless, young, and vibrant skin.

Plant-Based Peel
Aveda's botanical alternative to a 30% glycolic-chemical peel.  Instantly improves overall radiance, clarity, and smoothness, as well as reduces the appearance of fine-lines and pores with no redness, irritation, or downtime!

BT Micro
Softens fine lines and wrinkles, as well as firms and tones sagging skin.  Clears acne and refines large pores.  Enhances skin care-product absorption to rapidly improve the appearance of aging skin.
Safe exfoliating treatment that removes 2-3 weeks of dry, dead skin cells and peach-fuzz hairs resulting in brighter, glowing skin.  Reduces the appearance of fine-lines and provides a smoother foundation for application of makeup.  Reveals younger looking skin.

Manual exfoliation using micro-crystals to remove dead and dry skin cells, resulting in healthier looking skin.

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